Posted by: everynation | September 27, 2007

What I like about God

by Jeff Bullock

jeffbullock.jpgI have a friend who always encourages me. He usually starts off by saying… “Jeff, you know what I like about you…?” Then he proceeds to say the funniest things and sometimes things I’d never thought about before. Well I was thinking today… “God, you know what I like about you?” I know the list is as endless as people have opinions.

But here are a few things that I like about God.

I like the fact that God is funny.

Just take a look in the mirror. Now that’s funny.
Hippopotamuses! Come on…that’s real funny.
Spiders and snakes…not so funny…I don’t like spiders and snakes.
White people dancing…funnnnn knee, funny, funny, funny!
Fashion from the 70’s… wide shirt collars, bell-bottoms, real big afro’s and the movie undercover brother…funny!

If you don’t know God in this way, I hope you will. God is fun. Enjoy Him. Hang out with God some…He might even tell you a joke.

I like that God is relevant.

He is cool. He wrote a book that is still on the best sellers list. It’s great. The book has Braveheart-like gore, Romeo and Juliet kind of love, there is murder, adultery, Ocean’s 11,12, & 13 kind of robbery, Lord of the Ring’s magic and sorcery, World Championship Wrestling matches where bones are dislocated….and more!! God is one of the best visual directors I’ve ever seen. He can tell a story like nobody’s business. I love stories. Stories are relevant. People relate to stories. I bet you have a story. You ought to tell someone. They’ll listen. I’d bet Danny Ocean’s millions on it.

I like that God is young at heart.

Man, I like young people. They’ll do about anything. They’ll eat weird stuff on a dare. They’ll take stupid risks even if they break bones doing it. They’re smart and stupid all at the same time. God has always taken risks on young folk. King David was young, …he was short too. Saul was young …and tall. John Wayne was tall. Samuel was real young. Joseph was young and Josiah was too. Adam was young…well, I’m not sure if he was born young, but still he had a first day. I was young…and stupid…average height. God still likes kids. He likes old…der people as well…He is young at heart though. Forget the grumpy old man image. Young. Yep…and TALL.

I like that God loves me.

An old preacher was asked, what is the greatest thing you’ve learned in your long successful ministry career. He began to sing, weeping, “Jesus …loves me…this I know. For the Bible…tells me so…” If you’ve ever felt unloved…or can’t believe you could be so stupid, it is great to know that God will never walk away. Amazing. Jesus is my best good friend…even I know you can’t just get that around the corner. Well, enough said about that.

Jeff Bullock is the author of “The Pub” and is currently planting a church in Budapest, Hungary.

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