Posted by: everynation | July 27, 2007

Purpose-Driven Help for the Reluctant Evangelist

by Steve Murrell

wsmleaderscircle.jpgWhile on the cross-trainer in the gym this morning, Purpose-Driven guru Rick Warren said something that really helped me. (Rick was not in my gym, but he was in my iPod via his podcast.)

As always, Rick was talking about reaching the lost, on purpose. Not random acts of evangelism on unsuspecting strangers. Not manipulative ambush evangelism. Not door to door harassment evangelism. We’re talking about Purpose-Driven evangelism. What else would you expect from the Pope of Purpose?Images_2

When the interviewer asked Rick what evangelism program Saddleback Church uses, Rick said they have never used an evangelism program. Rather, they simply encourage their people to figure out what they love to do – basketball, biking, poker, antique shopping.

Once they know what they love to do, they are encouraged to do that stuff with unchurched people, rather than with Christians only.

If we are just average at being Christians, and if we spend time developing relationships with the lost, it is just a matter of time until we have a natural relational opportunity to introduce our non-churched friends to Christ.

Novel idea, hanging out with lost people. If we make a habit of this, we might one day he accused of being friends of sinners, or something horrible like that.

Steve Murrell is a missionary, pastor, and the author of “The Reluctant Leader” and “The Accidental Missionary.


  1. “Once they know what they love to do, they are encouraged to do that stuff with unchurched people, rather than with Christians only.”

    This has always been my favorite form of evangelism. I call it “being normal.” It works for me.

  2. hi pastor steve- thanks for that liberating info on reaching the lost – i met you in kraco this year,now serving with jeff and the team in budapest!i would realy love to get more knowlege on evangalism of this nature-please if you have a chance send me some more insights ,i thank you very much.every nation budapest.

  3. ….Jesus is a friend of sinners…the priests won’t like it…but Jesus love the sinners….he is always found in the market place..where people are.

    I’m blessed with you blog, pastor, it reminds me again to focus my evangelism style on friendship not only with unchurched christians but to also bodly share not only my faith though eventually it goes to that aspect,but my life to my lost friends and relatives in many simple ways of reaching out to them where they are.God give me wisdom, God give me grace, God give me opportunity..

    I admit I have my share of evanglism style of what you said-“manipulative ambush evangelism”….hehehe. Thanks for that reminder.

    Thanks Pastor Steve…


  4. hi addison , it was great to meet you at lake baloton . do you need some help in budapest? I am back in the states. about to go to shoreline church in monterey . check out their website. I hope your getting some sun . stay cool , eric

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