Posted by: everynation | June 13, 2007

Revelation from my GPS

by Addison Tweedy

If you’ve ever driven in Europe, you’ll understand why it’s so difficult. Not only are most cars manual and the languages foreign, but the roads are poorly marked, if at all, rendering maps useless.

I pride myself on being very oriented, easily learning my way around and knowing where I’m going. This continent has been very frustrating at times when it comes to driving. After much deliberation, the advice of a friend and an gift certificate, I decided to buy the Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS.

There are few purchases that I can say have truly changed my life and this is one of them. I simply enter the address and voila, the highlighted route is displayed in front of me while Jill (that’s the American English voice I chose) softly guides me in her smooth and bad pronouncing voice of Hungarian streets.

Jill Garmina, as my wife affectionately calls it, even works as a bluetooth handsfree for my phone and plays sermon podcasts as I’m driving. The podcasts are always paused as she interjects her directions. Imagine my joy as I can now drive around listening to sermons, answer phone calls handsfree and never be lost trying to read a map, street signs and shift gears at the same time.

With so much mental energy freed up, I have been getting revelations about God while driving. My thoughts are below.

First, I have so much joy with Jill (God) in my life.

Second, Jill (God) always knows the best route to get somewhere.

Third, when I make a mistake and go the wrong direction, Jill says “recalculating” (God says “repent”) and then gives me a new route based on where I am to now get to where I was going. I’m reminded of Romans 8:28 and how God works all things for His good. It doesn’t mean He wanted you to go that way, but He can still lead you from your mistakes into the right place.

Fourth, I have to listen for the still small voice that leads me and not be distracted by the world around me.

Finally, I can take Jill (God) with me everywhere and help lead others as well.

I once was lost, but now I’m found, my GPS (God) leads me around.

Addison Tweedy is a comedian, missionary, and is currently learning Hungarian.


  1. Great post, Addison! Everyone needs “Jill” in their life!

    Oh and about that manual transmission. We Filipinos rock with a stick shift. We thrive on changing gears. Automatic? Not in our vocab. Sounds like we’d be perfect for those European roads. =)

  2. I need one of those things to get around in Manila. Philippine version would have to be named Jun-jun or Bhong. Of course the Nashville version would be Bubba.

  3. Addison: Europeans are perfectly capable of driving manual cars and their languages are not foreign!

  4. Addison, you are too much. That is an incredible analogy. I will certainly “share” it with others — I’ll give you the props, though. Hope y’all are doing great there. Love y’all. Take care.

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