Posted by: everynation | May 31, 2007

The London Global Day of Prayer was Awesome!

By Wolfi Eckleben

wolfi.jpgWe had such huge expectations for Pentecost Sunday in London: It was the end of our ten day fasting & prayer; it was a “together service” with our larger west congregation heading over to join our east congregation for a service; and it was the Global Day of Prayer to be held in the iconic West Ham Football stadium in east London…and it was RAINING!!!

Do you ever wonder to God “Why”? I sure did while driving past Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, and Tower Bridge…in the rain. Why God, couldnt you just shut up the heavens for this one day? I even thought of a newspaper headline for the next days tabloids: “God washed out!” 20,000 people had bought tickets to attend, and now this washout!

We ran into the church venue through the rain, and God showed up in a special way. Well done to our east congregation leaders and team for the awesome job you are doing – the breakthrough and fruit are coming! We came out of the service to rain free skies, and went over to the Stadium to join nearly all 20,000 Christians in what I thought was a very well presented program uniting the many diverse streams of the church in praying for “Your Kingdom come” in London. The rain stayed away until the program closed…

I should know by now: God IS still large and in charge, if I sometimes wonder…

Wolfi Eckleben once ran a sub-four minute mile and is the author of Wolfi’s View from London and is the senior pastor of Every Nation Church London.


  1. Hi Pastor Wolfi

    I attended your church a while ago (in 2001/2). You probably remember my husband, Gavin Graham. Anyhow – I thought I’d just share with you that rain is a sign of God’s blessings on the earth, so is a good thing :)

    I love the rain – it reminds me of God’s faithfulness. As Jesus said, God rains down blessings on the righteous and wicked alike. We are so privileged that we serve such a good God.

    Anyone who’s ever lived through a drought appreciates every drop of rain – it is life-giving.

    Thought I’d just share that with you!

    Keep well,


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