Posted by: everynation | May 24, 2007

Ladies who talk a lot

by Scott Douma

scottdouma1.jpgLast week a really neat thing happened. On Tuesday we baptized a couple in their 60’s. The Kojimas. They had been coming to our Wednesday service for about a year. The wife had received the Lord, but the husband was a typical strong and kind Japanese man, who didn’t see any need for him to leave his current view point and enter into the Kingdom of God.

I gave him my best shot, my assistant gave him a better shot, but it never got through. He was diagnosed with lung cancer late last year and I was sure that “now he would be open” but nope, not yet.

However one of our ladies of the church, Takeno-san would go to their home and just “visit” with the wife. Mr. Kojima would lay on his cot in the living room and continually overhear their conversation.

Because of this faithful friend’s love, he decided last month that he would become a Christian. Not because of my “best shot” but because of the continual talking of a friend to his wife.

I went to their home a couple of weeks ago and with my talkative friend prayed with the man to receive Jesus. With tears of joy he entered the Kingdom of God. On Tuesday we baptized both of them. Their daughter flew in from America for the occasion and with the help of Mrs. Takeno we had a wonderful service and communion together. He is still battling his cancer, but has no fear whatsoever of what the future may bring.

Scott Douma has lived in Japan for more than 20 years, is the author of Blue Eyes in Japan and is the senior pastor of Yokohama Grace Bible Church in Japan.



  1. dear past scott
    my name is christilene kiewiets. i attend everynation london.two days ago i met a young japanese guy . he came into the church while we were having choir practice. he started to cry. after prac i asked him if he knew what happened. he said no.his english is not very good and we tried to explain. im hoping to see him again on sunday.
    im going tell him about your church . i dont know where he is from in japan
    thank you

  2. Still nothing as invigorating and exciting as hearing about the power of the gospel and the subsequent changed lives. Great testimony Scott, blessings to you and your church!

  3. Blessed by your story. So glad that you are having an impact in Japan. May God bless you richly in that place. Thank you.

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