Posted by: everynation | April 1, 2007

The Gospel according to Apple

by Addison Tweedy

addisontweedy.jpgHow can Christ be of infinite value and yet few follow him?

How can Apple be superior to Windows and yet its market share is smaller?

How you might ask. What prevents people from seeing the value of something that is better than what they currently value.

A few reasons:

People won’t switch to mac unless they see it’s true value (greater than a pc) and few have:

1. Instead of learning the truth, they parrot heresy like, I heard it’s not compatible. It does everything you need a computer to do, just better and with less viruses.

2. It’s too expensive. It’s actually cheaper when you consider the loss of down time due to crashes, the packaged applications, improvement to your quality of life.

3. Too hard to learn a new OS. OSX is intuitive, unlike the windows you spent years learning and still haven’t mastered. iPod is great example, it’s simple and it works.

4. Haven’t really given it a chance. They talk a lot about how they don’t like it, when they’ve never used or owned one. People who have owned both always switch to mac.

People won’t switch allegiances to Jesus until they see His true value (greater than the world) and few have:

1. Instead of learning the truth, they hold to untruths like, I’ll have to give up fun and stop using my brain. Actually, you’ll have more fun finally start using that brain.

2. It cost to much to serve God. What’s your alternative — eternity in hell? That’s like saying a diamond ring cost too much before you get married, it doesn’t even compare to the surpassing greatness…

3. I’ll have to learn a new Christian sub-culture and cease being my unique self. When you get saved you finally become normal and have a relationship with God, who you were created to have one with in the first place (parable of the lost son).

4. Live as a sinner and get saved, you love it. Only live as a sinner and you badmouth Christians. Not a real objective evaluation. Only a converted sinner can objectively evaluate both.

“Christianity has not be tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and not tried.” G.K. Chesterton

Addison Tweedy is a comedian, missionary, and is currently learning Hungarian.



  1. another mac evangelist.
    great to see you in krakow. thanks for interpreting the polish ‘signs’ of the times for me.

  2. i like your analogy, addison, although i have to say that i’ve owned apples, macs, and pcs and i currently use a sony vaio (as does james bond) :)

  3. Amen Tweedy, we have got to take this Mac gospel to the ends of the earth!!!

  4. Did you know that the Mac guy on those Mac vs. PC comercials actually uses a PC?

  5. Nice analogy.

    No wonder the Mac found me; rather than I found the Mac :)

  6. Mike, the pc guy, John Hodgman, uses a mac, not the other way around, but nice try.

    Lynn, James Bond uses a Sony Vaio because he’s paid to, it’s called product placement. I would use one too if Iwas paid. When people won’t willing use your product, you have to pay them. Besides, Hollywood using pc’s is only one more reason that Hollywood is lost and needs the (mac) gospel.

  7. If the IPOD is a measure of how good Mac’s are count me out. I like that my IPOD stores a lot of stuff, but I like my other MP3 players (muvo) for everything else. I hate Itunes. But Itumes is now the standard (just like PC’s were the standard), so one has to put up with it. It was out of ignorance that I bought the Ipod. I just assumed it would work like my other MP3 players. And I thought it would be good for carrying photos. It more than tripled the size of each photo I put in, so I was not able to have both my mp3’s and photos on my 60 gig of space.

  8. I feel 2 Tim 2:23 pulling me strongly here, but it does show that even those who’ve accepted the truth of the gospel can be so easily blinded in other areas ;-)

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