Posted by: everynation | March 20, 2007

Lost Things

by Garry Senna

Garry SennaEver lose something? Every get frustrated searching for it? Ever give up your search?

Luke 15 is a series of rapid-fire stories that Jesus presents to two sets of people – people who lived life as if there was no God and a group of people who lived life as if God only noticed them. Jesus in his brilliance addresses both at the same time. He highlights three things that are lost, 100 sheep and one dumb one wonders off, a lost coin among ten others, and finally a lost son. The over riding principle that Jesus is conveying is that something that was lost had tremendous value and significance to its owner. That value warranted an all out search, not stopping until what was lost was found.

A search for the lost sheep restored the sheep to the security of the fold, the lost coin was found and a woman’s inheritance was restored. The lost son was not searched for but was searching himself. When the son realized the futility of what he placed a misappropriated value in, he finally came to his senses and returned to a father who was waiting with open, unconditional arms to restore the value he thought he had squandered.

The meaning of the story is found in the truth that lost things matter to God. The lost sheep warranted an all out search until it was found, the coin was the same and the son, painful as it was, needed to complete his searching to come to grips with his Fathers love.

For the people who were living life as if there was no God – Jesus provoked them to examine their lives. For those who lived life thinking that God only noticed them – Jesus shattered that myth with the heart of God and sounded a refrain in their religious mindset – Lost things, lost people really matter to God.

Garry Senna is an avid mountain biker and the senior pastor of Harvest Valley Christian Church in Pleasanton, California.


  1. “… i once was lost but now am found, was blind but now i see…” i can’t thank God enough for finding me.

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